Gender: Male
Age: 1 year
Price to Adopt: $450
Dear potential human adopter, Hi, I’m Moose. I came here from the warm state of Texas where I was about to be euthanized due to an over crowded shelter but thanks to Pit Squad’s help rescuing me, a temporary foster home in TX for a few days, and a foster home setup for me in MN I was able to be saved just in time. I was a terrified little boy in the loud, stressful shelter; in my kennel, I’d lay in a curled ball on the concrete floor and would hardly move and when I would, I wouldn’t even walk on a leash to go outside, the volunteers had to carry me. Once outside, I hid behind a bench or a tree unless the volunteers picked me up, placed me on the bench, and kept their hand on me for comfort. Needless to say, I was ECSTATIC to get out of there but was still pretty leery of everyone and everything (rightfully so). Once I arrived to my MN foster home I found my crate that had a brand new soft bed in it and a big soft new blanket and man, I got the best night’s sleep that first night. Perhaps the best one I’ve had in my whole life. The crate door was left open but I needed some time and space to decompress as I had just been in the shelter, then a temporary foster’s home for a few days, then a 24 hour + car ride up to MN. Speaking of my whole life, my humans aren’t sure what happened to me prior to the shelter as I arrived as a stray. My foster human thinks there’s a chance some people weren’t very nice to me or maybe I just never had a home at all and therefore I would love to go to someone who simply just wants to love up on me, hardcore. I absolutely LOVE praise, treats, belly rubs, and pets from humans in general. I’m eager to please and really just want to make my human happy. I have absolutely thrived and definitely have come out of my shell in my foster home here (it’s so fun to ‘just be a dog’ finally and in a safe place) especially since I have a big foster doggy sister to look up to who is well trained. I copy her every move and I know commands and also walk nicely next to her on a leash and don’t pull my human either. My foster sister has really taught me this world isn’t as big and scary as I thought it was so I would really love to go to a home that already has another dog so I can continue all the progress I’ve made thus far. I don’t bark much, if ever, either, which is an added bonus for my future ‘forever’ humans. I am confident that I’ll make someone very happy but really just want a home that provides me the love I need as well as an awesome doggy sibling so I can continue to thrive. Thanks so much for reading. Sincerely, Moose

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