Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Likes: Car Rides, Snuggles, People, Cats, other dogs
Price to Adopt: $450
Calie is the sweetest girl! She loves all people, dogs and yes, even cats. She lives with two dogs under 15 lb and two cats. She will snuggle with the small dogs, if they allow it. Callie is potty trained and kennel trained. She sleeps in her comfy dog bed (unkenneled) in our bedroom at night and is very quiet. She will cuddle with us on the couch, but has not tried to jump up on our bed. Calie has a fenced in backyard where she can roam, however, we do not allow her to be outside unsupervised as she has dug a hole near the fence. We have not heard her bark at all. She really enjoys being outside with us investigating everything we do. Leash walking is going really well and she loves her walks! Calie really needs exercise daily for her body and mind. She rarely pulls and doesn't bark or try to get to other people or dogs. We are working on not jumping when humans come through the door. She does listen when told off, but we are teaching her a sit/stay command. I think she may have a bit of anxiety if not kenneled when we leave, but if in her kennel with a bully stick, she does fine. She really just wants to be with her humans as she will follow you around the house as well. This girl loves car rides too. Calie would love to meet you and show you how amazingly perfect she is!

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